Sunday, March 13, 2011

New chicks in the crew!

Okay, so our dumb butts decided to get some Ameraucana chicks.  And my husband actually was so desperate to get some RIGHT NOW that he was willing to drive to Orrville for them.  The people there show their birds, so the chicks are of a good line.  Now, I have showed him how to gender them by feathers because we thought we were getting day old chicks.  Nah... we ended up with 2 week old chicks (a week older than our current bantam chicks).  I let him pick them out.  He picked two he was thinking were both girls.  We start to head home, and as I was holding them on the drive home... I saw that one looks like it is starting to grow its comb.  Hmmm...  Just little bumps, but noticeable if you are really looking.  After we get home and we're both holding them, we decide to paint the toenails on one of them so we can tell them apart.  She said they are wheaton's (sp).  We decided to paint the nails of the one that is growing its comb, and as I painted its nails I noticed it has one crooked toe.  Not sure if there is anything I can do to straighten it.  Probably not.  Now, that one seems to be doing fine now.  Finely starting to relax and join the group of bantams.  The other one just lays there.  It wasn't when it was with its hatchling group at the other house.  It was running around, chirping, and carrying on.  I hope it perks up by tomorrow.  If not, it will be like trying to care for little Bumble again... and I hope, if so, it doesn't have the same result.  We paid $6 each for them, and they have been vaccinated.  I will continue to post on all of the chicks, and keep updating about all of them and how they are doing and growing.  We have also noticed that the one with the crooked toe, and growing comb has a tail, while the other doesn't quite yet.  Well...  without further ado...  Here are pictures of the new Ameraucana chicks!    =)

This is the one with the crooked toe, and growing comb...

Here they are both together... crooked toe facing to the right...

(Can you see the tail difference in the above picture?)

(Such big wings for such little babies...)

And that chick above is the one that is just laying around sleeping the whole time.  Wakes up and sits straight up fast when we touch it.  Perhaps it just needs more time to settle in.  I have showed them where the food and water is, and dipped their beaks in them.  Even left them sitting by the food.  Then they walked back over to be under the brooder light.  (Come on little one... perk up!)

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