Monday, March 14, 2011

Updated pics... can you tell who is who? =)

Well, just in case you can't tell, I will put their names with the pictures.  =)  They are really growing!  It's amazing!

This is little Angel.  Managed to fly up just enough to get up on top of the brooder lamp.  lol

So... who is who?  Can you guess?  Diamond has more gray to her chest, and fluffy cheeks.  Angel is lighter colored and starting to grow a comb.  Well, technically they're both growing combs.  lol  Do you know who is who yet?

Remember... they are both fuzzy footed babies!  =)

How about this view?  Can you tell who is who?  Angel has lighter colored wings....

Last chance to guess!  Angel has more of a tail.  They were both kept on the same knees.. no one moved.  Diamond is on the left, and Angel on the right.  =)  Ready to do another one?

Who is who?

Here we have Jade and Ruby.  Which one is which?

                                                             Have you guessed yet?

See the tail difference?  Okay, I'll tell you.  Ruby is on the left, Jade on the right.  Jade has more of a tail and is darker colored.

Here are some more pics!

                                                                Aren't they cute???

Now, I know these ones are newer... but can you tell who is who?  Neither really has a name, but we are temporarily calling one of them crooked toe... because it has a crooked toe.  lol

See the tail difference?  Crooked toe is on the left.  He/she has longer wings and a longer tail that is brown.  The other one has a whiter tail and shorter wings.  Crooked toe is also starting to grow a comb.  Just barely there, have to look hard.  And the other one has been spending today and yesterday sleeping about 95% of the time.  I dip his/her beak in water so it can get a drink.  Hubby placed some loose feed on the ground in front of it to get it to eat, and it worked.  =)  Hopefully it will perk up soon.  Now... we just need some real names for them, and decipher gender(s).

Here are a couple more pictures for you!

Crooked toe on the left, Aurora (Ricky) in the middle, and then the "lazier" chick on the right.

Alright kids, that's it for today.  Wasn't that a fun game?  lol  Oh!  Can you see Aurora's comb growing?  And if you look close, you can sort of see the "comb" difference between these two ameraucana's.  =)       Hasta luego

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