Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow... trying to fly!

Well, the babies are just over a week old.  Three have full wings and have started to grow tails.  The other two are just finishing growing their wings, but no tails yet.  Today I watched them gang up on the thermometer, trying to beat it up.  lol  And I have also seen them trying to fly.  Our white and black chick is succeeding with that more than the others.  I saw it get about half way up the cage before tumbling back down.  We have chosen a boy name for it just in case it is a boy... Ricky.  Aurora will stick if it's a girl.  I also noticed that it's comb is starting to grow in.  It is one of the three that has full wings and starting to grow its tail.  It is still a little uneasy about being held, but does quite down after a couple of minutes.

The two feather footers have minor combs that are barely even noticeable.  One has full wings with a tail starting, while the other has no tail yet and is just finishing growing its tail.  I have also noticed that one, the one we call Diamond, has fluffy cheeks while Angel doesn't.  Diamond also has a grayer belly and chest than Angel.  Also, Angel is more calm about being held than Diamond.  Everything else is pretty much the same as far as I can see.  I'm sure I will notice more differences as time goes on.

As for the other two... Jade and Ruby.  Ruby is the quietest of the group.  She is also very calm about being held.  She has more of a reddish hue to her head than Jade, who has more of a brown going into a black colored head.  Jade is the third of the chicks that has full wings and is starting to grow its tail in.  Neither of them have comes as of yet.  I have noticed another difference in them, which is that Ruby has a slightly browner beak than Jade.  Not by much, just slightly. 

Out of the group, I couldn't tell you who poops the most.  lol  They all poop a LOT.  And the terds are getting bigger.  lol  I have more pictures of them for you.  The first is of them ganging up on the thermometer.  Not quite sure what they're trying to accomplish, speaking it's an inanimate object.  Guess they don't quite know that yet.  lol

Here's Angel with her wings open.  It was hard to get her to open them.  lol

Here's Aurora... or Ricky... whatever.  lol

This is Diamond.  With the right background, this could have been a really nice picture....

This one is Jade....

And of course, our little Ruby... the quiet one.  =)

As you know, we're still not sure of their genders... or their breeds.  I know that when they're about 3 months old we should be able to tell the roo's for sure, speaking they'll have spur bumps.  Just wish I could know sooner.  Oh well.  And only time will tell before I know the breeds too.  TTFN

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