Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pics and Updates

Well, I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but here are my updates...

We went chick crazy this year.  We ended up with over 40 chickens.  lol  We've sold some, lost some....  Gloria ended up hatching 4 chicks.  2 ee's, an rir, and a buff orp.  We later purchased a split lavender silkie pair that were sick.  All the birds there were sick.  I tried to pick the healthiest, but the female ended up dying.  The male, Mico, was able to be medicated in time and is now a healthy and happy part of our silkie flock.  Unfortunately we tracked something in from that farm and the buff orp Gloria hatched picked it up and died at just three months of age.  =(  RIP Honey.....

We sold all but 4 of our mypetchicken silkies, and both of the mypetchicken speckled sussex.  One of the sussex turned out to be a boy, but was supposed to be a girl.  =/

Snowball became an excellent layer throughout the year.  After having her for 2 weeks, she started laying.  She laid until she had ten eggs, then went broody on them.  Two were infertile, 2 didn't make it to hatching... the other six grew up to be healthy happy babies.  We sold all but one, which we named Kimme after our good friend in S. Carolina. 

We also sold Abbott, Costello, Elvis, Serena, Jasmine, Aurora, Mario, Gloria, and Mable.

We have left:  Ricky (RIR hatched by Gloria), Mya and Storm (EE's hatched by Gloria), Sunshine (EE I hatched in the bator), Precious Boy (original roo), Frosty, Snowball, Kimme, Mico, Mohican, Queenie, 2 blue silkies we never named, Romeo and Juliette (serama pair), Cassie, Diamond, and Eagle... and some chicks in the brooder inside.

My mom passed away on October 26.  My dad has always wanted the birds gone.  I told him I would rehome the birds, but there are some we'd like to keep if he'd let us.  Mico, Queenie, and Mohican (silkies).  Romeo and Juliette, Cassie for a good bantam broody, Diamond because she was our first millie, and Eagle because she came from champion show lines.  Not sure if we can convince him, but we're hoping.

So... up for sale (but unable to ship at this time)...  Ricky with Henny Penny and Rose (his girls we just got before my mom passed away.  Thank you to our friend in Montana for these girls.  They made my mom's life that much happier and fuller before she passed.)  They together go for $25 (RIR trio).  Also there are Storm, Mya, and Sunshine (EE trio), which are going for $25 all together.  Frosty and Snowball $20 together.  The two unnamed blue silkies together (pair) $20.  Three bantam chicks in the brooder ($15 for all three), and a buff orp chick $5 for him.

My friend in S. Carolina will be getting Precious Boy and Kimme.  If all goes well, a friend in New Jersey may get the EE's.  I would love it if she gets to have them.  She's been wanting EE's.

But... for now... Here are pics of our birds.  =)


Henny Penny and Rose




All the silkies running around

Mico (when he wasn't feeling good)






Romeo and Juliette


Precious Boy

Frosty and Snowball

And here are our chicks... not the best pics, but...  =)

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