Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New chickens! Yay!

So we added to our flocks!  We now have 2 white silkies that are a year old.  Their names are Snowball and Frosty.  Snowball has yet to start laying for us.  We've had them for about a week and a half, and still nothing... but that's okay so long as she will adopt... OUR NEW CHICKS!  lol  Yup, we got our shipment from mypetchicken today.  10 blue silkies and 2 speckled sussex.  And on Thursday, we have eggs due to hatch.  We're going to take them ALL out together and see if Snowball will adopt them.  We're really hoping.  And next week we will be purchasing some Serama chicks too!  Yay!  Hold on... not done yet...  lol  Gloria, our white rock hen... she... went... BROODY!!!!  Yup.  Unfortunately she didn't have any fertile eggs from herself, or Mable due to the fact that Precious Boy is still trying to get on his feet.  SO... we went to the guy out here where we got our adult birds from last year, and bought 6 fertile eggs for her, and he gave us 7.  So she is sitting on 7 fertile eggs, and she and Mable are both still laying.  Guess we may have to toss their eggs for now since they're being "incubated".  Not too sure they'd be edible because of that.  But I am so HAPPY right now!  Here are some pictures!

 Our white silkies... Snowball and Frosty

Our new babies we just got from mypetchicken


Poor little Precious Boy

And let's not forget our group of 14 bantam chicks!
(cochins, mille fleurs, ameracaunas, and Ricky our OEGB)