Friday, April 1, 2011

Just candled our eggs!

I'm sorry... I just got SO excited while we were candling!  lol  Out of 14 eggs, we have 4 or 5 for sures, 4 or 5 maybes, and the rest seem to be no go.  I did promise some pictures, so here you go!  (Captions will be under the pictures this time.)   =)

                                                              Look!  A baby!!!!

                      was hard to tell with this one.  We saw some veins, and possibly movement?

                    We saw something moving in this one... but obviously  the camera missed it.  =/

                                                                    Another baby!!!!

                                             You can kind of see the veins in this picture.  =/

                                                          Look at the baby!!!!  Awwww!!!!!

                                                       Another one where we're not sure.....

                                        Awww... last pic....  You can sort of see the veins...  =/

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  We won't be posting any pictures again from these guys until around the 15th.  So stay tuned! 

We checked on our chicks, and they were a little cold.  They were huddled together under the heat lamp, so we added two heating pads.  They were happy about that.  They seemed to be more comfortable after that.  We'll be checking on them again here in a little bit.  My poor little babies.....

Little Angel is getting settled down for the night.  I have to say, he did get aggravated at us with all the turning the light on and off when we were candling.  lol  He kept yelling at us.  lol 

Our adult roo, Precious Boy...  We took the bandages off again, and decided we only needed to rebandage 2 of the 5 toes.  I know they're still sore, which may be why he's still not trying to walk on them.  Poor baby.  We're working on MAKING him get up and move around so he can learn to tolerate the pain, and be more on the road to recovery.  Hopefully soon, he'll be healed up and walking around again.  But for now, he's enjoying being spoiled and pampered.  lol  (But don't tell his girls that!  It's just not manly!  lol)  As for his girls... they're getting feisty.  They keep trying to run out the man door.  They know Precious was out that way and want to find him.  I have to hurry and swoop them up, when we open the door, so they can't get out.  But otherwise, they are doing great!  Still laying good, eating good...  Speaking of eating... Gloria is GREEDY with the treats!  Poor little Mable only gets a little bit, while Gloria hurries to gobble it all down.

I heard it's good for chickens to keep a turkey around because the turkey will eat parasite that could make the chickens sick.  I don't know if that's true or not, but it's making me consider getting a turkey hen for each group.  Does anyone have any info about this that could shed some light?

Well, I'm going to go now.  Have a good night all!  And don't worry... I'll keep you updated as I can on everyone.  =)

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  1. Thats great. Love the pics! My daughter and husband made a box candler for a science project yrs ago we still have it. I should get it out next time I get some brooders!