Friday, April 1, 2011

The chicks are in their new coop!

As you may know, we built a coop ourselves for our little bantam group.  We put the chicks (except Angel) out there.  I know I'm going to worry about them nonstop, and check on them all the time.  We do still need to get some nest boxes and perches out there, but for now it is good to go for little ones.  Here are some pictures of them in there.  They're pretty much staying under the brooder lamp.  It's still pretty cold out, especially at night.  And, we're learning that we'll need to add some more hens of these breeds so we can have a better supply of their fertile eggs when it's time. 

Without further ado....  Our babies in their new coop:

Aren't they tiny?  I hate having them out there, but they needed more room.  Sweet little babies.  Angel is still in the brooder.  We are going to give him a week to get better.  If he's not better by Friday, we'll probably have him put down.  We have a lady that lives in town that raises Mille Fleur's, so we'll be going to her house to buy two or three of her hatchlings.  Plus we have 14 bantam cochin eggs in the incubator.  We'll be candling them tonight to see how they're doing.  I'll try to get pictures of some of the eggs to post on here as well.  =)