Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Spring Fever

It's been cold long enough, and I have plans for spring.  I can hardly wait until spring gets here.  I have the need to get out there and get things done.  This past year has been quite interesting:

November 2010:  Oh my... we had SO much rain for Thanksgiving!  Yup... so much that the makeshift roof we made over the chicken run collapsed in.  The chickens were getting soaked!  We spent all of Thanksgiving day working and repairing, making sure it would be supportive enough for the coming snow  We got done just in time for dinner with the family.  It was crazy!  But boy did the chickens enjoy the pumpkin pie they got as a Thanksgiving treat!

December 2010:  Christmas was nice.  That fixed roof has been holding up good, and the hens are laying good.  Heck, we made cookies with their eggs!  And let's not forget to mention their Christmas treat of those cookies!  (cream cheese cookies)  They loved them!

January:  Hmm... well.... Lots of snow.  Didn't like it one bit.  Had to keep clearing a path to the chickens.  The snow started getting so deep that my husband had to climb up top that roof over the run and clear it off so to be sure it wouldn't collapse.

February:  For Valentine's day, I gave the chickens some sweet potatoes.  They couldn't get enough!  lol  Still laying eggs wonderfully, and the roof over the run is still holding as well.  Groundhogs all predicted an early spring, and we got a weeks worth for this month.  Made it into the 60's, and boy was that nice!  Made me nuts trying not to go outside and start gardening.  Gloria laid a double yolker, but it unfortunately proved infertile.

It's March now, and it looks like we may get that early spring.  Here's hoping!  There's barely any snow left, yet it's still cold.  The chickens are even getting spring fever.  We put plastic up around the run to protect them from the winter elements, and they are now trying to pick at it to make it fall.  They want to see the grass and look around.  Poor babies.  I know how they feel!  Come on Spring!

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