Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raising chickens and loving it!

Well, the orpingtons didn't hatch.  Two developed and died during incubation, and the third never developed.  So, we incubated 6 other eggs, only one hatched.  It was a speckled sussex roo.  He hatched on May 21st, and now has two hens with him, and more to eventually come.  We named him Precious Boy.  The girls are Gloria (a white rock) and Mable (a light brown leghorn).  They hatched around June 12th.  This spring we will be adding a second flock, silkies.  We're really excited.  We chose the colors black and blue, and may later add in splash.  And as for Precious Boy getting more hens... we may integrate some in, but right now we are waiting for Gloria to go broody and let her hatch some of hers and Mable's eggs.  We think it may be an easier transition that way.  And the little roos that come out of the brood will most likely be sold, if we can find any takers.  So... as for now, we LOVE raising our chickens, and can't wait to have more.  Now off to let my son listen to the new radio show for kids.

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