Sunday, December 18, 2011

Suet's for any bird =)

Made some suet for my babies today.  We're out of feed, and have no money to get any.  Luckily I was smart enough to stock up on things so I could make the suet.  Gives them something yummy to eat.  =)  Yummy... and good for them.  Just a mixture of lard, peanut butter, bananas, corn starch, cracked corn, bulgur wheat, and bird seed.  =)

Bantams:  Cassie (frizzle cochin), Eagle (wheaten ameracauna), Diamond (mille fleur d'uccule), and Romeo and Juliette (seramas)

The large fowls:  Ricky, Rose, and Henny Penny (RIR's), and Storm, Sunshine, and Mya (EE's - which were just now sold)

The silkies:  Kimmie, Snowball, and Frosty (white), Mico (calico), Mohican (black), Queenie (splash), and the two nameless blues

And here are some pictures just for the heck of it... the banties enjoying some free time, all lined up at the fence picking at the grass.  I ended up bringing some grass in to them.  =)
This bottom picture... left to right:  Romeo, Juliette, Diamond, Eagle, and Cassie.  =)

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