Sunday, April 10, 2011

A horrible tragedy just happened today... =(

Well, we got some work done outside. It was a beautiful day. Unfortunately we suffered a double tragedy as well. =( We kept a 4 ft by 2 ft wall board in the door of the chick coop, sort of as a baby gate. It fell in on three of the chicks killing 2 of them. Ruby and Nemo (Jade), our two golden sebrights. ***cries*** My poor babies! I buried them together. They were close to each other, with lots of love between them. Then they died together. It was only right to bury them together. The third chick was unharmed, miraculously! It was a great day... until this happened. We continued our work, and made sure to get that "gate" board out of there. The weekend of the 22nd, we are putting up their run. I can hardly wait. RIP my precious babies.... =(

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