Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chores are getting done!

So since we've had a nice, dry, semi-comfortable weekend, we decided to get some work done.  The old coop and run have been torn down, ground smoothed back out, and the new run is almost finished.  We'll complete the new run tomorrow so Precious Boy and his girls, who have been cooped up for a few weeks, can get back out and enjoy themselves.  They had previously been flooded out of their old coop and run.  After this one is done, we can get started on building a third coop.  I made the floor for it today.  Nice and strong!  lol  And then we have two more runs to build, and a garden to get up and going.  Thank goodness for nephews that can help out!

The chicks had their first LIVE treat today.  It was funny!  While we were digging around, we found a handful of worms that we fed to them.  (I read it was okay to feed worms to them at this age.)  They weren't sure of the worms at first, then couldn't get enough of them!  They'd pick up a worm and run all over with it/them.  It was very entertaining to watch.  (Precious, Gloria, and Mable all got to enjoy some worms this weekend too.)  =)

I still don't have any updated pictures yet, but will soon.  I just have to say that you can finally tell they are growing.  I think that they have at least doubled in size.  They're trying more and more to fly.  Luckily they aren't trying to fly away from us.  I worry they may try sometime, but don't want to trim their wing feathers.  Once the third coop is up, they may be big enough to be put in it, but not the run quite yet.  And I have learned that the ameraucana's are indeed bantam's.  So that's good since we were planning to keep them in with them anyway.

We had a nice warm day yesterday, but chillier today.  And it's going to be colder tomorrow.  Hopefully it doesn't take us too long to get the last touches done on the run.  =/  lol

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